What 1 Officer Did After Finding a Pregnant Mom and Toddler Sleeping on a Sidewalk

Tommy Norman was just doing his job when this police officer came across an unexpected sight: a pregnant woman sleeping on the sidewalk with a toddler sprawled across her chest. However, his reaction to this heartbreaking discovery went above and beyond the call of duty.

Tommy woke Jessica up and she immediately thought that she was in trouble. Jessica, who had recently fled a domestic abuse situation with her 2-year-old, Kayla, explained that she had no place else to go. Jessica and Kayla had already stayed the maximum amount of nights permitted at a local shelter. With no other options, and just days away from giving birth, Jessica found a slab of concrete that she hoped would be a safe place for her and her toddler to rest.

Tommy told the pair to move but not in the way Jessica feared — he loaded them into his car and took them to a motel. He encouraged them to get some rest and posted a photo on social media about the encounter. "This is not a post asking for assistance. It's an image I decided to share to show that real life stories exist in communities across the world," he wrote on Instagram. "Heartbreaking yes but hopefully an image that encourages others to get out and make a difference in their communities."

Within days of his original post, Jessica gave birth to baby Xavier and their story has gone viral. As the newly expanded family continues to temporarily stay at the motel, strangers from across the world have been sending Tommy packages to give to the family. The overflowing donations, which have ranged from gift cards to a variety of baby products including a car seat, has Tommy calling for a "tissue alert."

Tommy has continued to update his followers, from Kayla's reaction to sleeping in a real bed to his first time holding Xavier. "Kayla isn't crying, she's screaming because her mom explained she's finally happy!" he wrote on Instagram. "A happy that hasn't been seen in weeks! This gave me chills!"

To Tommy, Jessica and her family have quickly gone from strangers to friends and he has been blown away by the outpouring of kindness from others."I share this image with you to encourage you to count your blessings."