This Dad Recounts What Happened When Police Were Called After His Daughter's Public Meltdown

When 8-year-old Cerys Lily spotted a Finding Dory lunch box while out shopping with her dad, she immediately fell in love with the back-to-school product. However, her dad, Robert Davies, learned that the display wasn't going on sale until the following day and he was unable to purchase the lunch box for his daughter just yet. Cerys Lily, who has autism, became visibly upset at the news and her disappointment quickly escalated into a public meltdown.

Robert had to physically carry his aggressive daughter to the car and shared on Facebook what happened after he managed to drive the distraught little girl home. Twenty minutes after arriving at his South Wales home, the police showed up because Robert had been reported for putting a child in a car against her will. Once he explained the situation, the officers were satisfied and even cheered Cerys Lily up by playing with their lights and sirens.

Robert thought that was the end of things and was completely surprised when Steven Bowen and Leigh Francis showed up at his door again the following morning — this time with the Finding Dory lunch box in hand. "I was a bit overwhelmed when they come so didn't get to thank them properly," Robert wrote. "There really are some good people out there!"