"Fight Song" Singer Rachel Platten Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Body Being Judged

"Fight Song" singer Rachel Platten is expecting her first child with husband Kevin Lazan, and is already acting as an empowering spokeswoman on behalf of pregnant — and not pregnant — women everywhere. After an acquaintance commented on the mom-to-be's changing body, Rachel said she cried for 30 minutes, all of the insecurities she was feeling about herself coming to the surface thanks to that one quick comment. To ensure that no woman has to feel the same way, she has a few guidelines for everyone on how to address a woman's body.

"So yesterday an (excited) acquaintance told me: 'Wow, your hips and butt look way bigger! So cool!' UMMMM . . . then I cried for 30 minutes," Rachel wrote on Instagram. "Because I've also noticed my body changing, because DUH, I'm making a human, but I'm like, 'Oh I'm being hard on myself no one can tell.' But when she pointed it out publicly it stung so bad! For so long I have had to keep my body a certain way and it's NICE and freeing to just let it do what it needs to and I'm proud that I'm letting my baby get all the nourishment it needs. BUT . . . Can we just put it out there that it is never cool to tell any woman their ass got bigger (or smaller)? Just don't comment. Even if you're excited because it signals to you the miracle of life is happening — it's still our bodies and it's sensitive! OK thanks, as long as we all agree."

PREACH, lady!

No matter who you're talking to or how positive you think you comment is (it seems like Rachel's acquaintance was genuinely going for flattery, but completely fell short), if it's about someone's body — especially a pregnant woman's — just keep it to yourself.