Fans Are Crying After This Is Us Shows the Reality of Giving Birth Prematurely

The following post contains spoilers for the This Is Us episode "The Waiting Room."

Once again, This Is Us has fans all over the country going through boxes of tissues. After Kate goes into labor at 28 weeks and the Pearson family spends an eternity 26 hours in the hospital, emotions are running high for everyone in the waiting room. During the last few minutes of the aptly titled episode "The Waiting Room," viewers find out that both Kate and — wait for it — baby Jack are OK. With a teary-eyed Toby questioning if the baby's breathing is normal and Kate praying to her father while they're in the NICU, the intense final minutes of the episode are resonating with fans who have been through similar situations.

Fans are praising the show's writers and producers for the accurate depiction of these extremely gut-wrenching situations. Both parents of children who were born prematurely and children themselves who were born prematurely are opening up on social media about their stories following the episode. "Those last 5 minutes.... I was bawling. @ChrissyMetz @SullivanTweet my God. You both absolutely knocked it out of the park. I'm a preemie myself I was born at 25 weeks. That scene just brought me back to what my parents must've felt after I was born. I'm 23 now," one person wrote.

Another added, "You made this Preemie Mama proud & made her cry. Like A LOT. Just the image of the isolate tears poured." See the tear-jerking reactions following Kate's birth on This Is Us ahead.

Fans Sharing Their Own Stories About Giving Birth Prematurely

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The Special Moment Between Toby and Kate in the NICU