The Only Thing Cuter Than This Matching Boy and Dog Is Their Adoption Story

If you're anything like us, your Instagram notifications are a revolving door of friends tagging you in photos of cute dogs. Although we've come across the adorable Reagandoodle account countless times, we had no idea that there was such a touching story behind the photos of a little boy and his matching pup. Reagan and Little Buddy were both 11 months old when they came into each other's lives, and they will forever be best friends.

Reagan (the dog) is owned by Sandi Swiridoff, and her daughter took in Little Buddy as a foster child more than two years ago. Sandi told Love What Matters that Reagan and Little Buddy "bonded instantly and have been besties ever since." They share everything — birthdays, outfits, naps, dinner, and more!

However, their bond is deeper than just adorable photos. Since Little Buddy came into the family's lives years ago, they have used the dog's popular Instagram feed as a way to raise awareness for foster children and families. Sandi has even been working on a book about Reagandoodle and Little Buddy's story, which will donate all proceeds to an Oregon-based non-profit called Foster Parents' Night Out for parents of foster children.

Sandi also revealed that her daughter and son-in-law have begun the adoption process for Little Buddy! Although it's been two amazing years, this is only the beginning of the duo's special bond.

Keep reading to see some of the sweetest photos of Reagan and Little Buddy in their matching outfits.