8 Reasons Moms Need Exercise

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POPSUGAR Photography

Exercising is good for everyone, but moms? Well, we need it the most dare I say! It's not just about losing the baby weight or being able to rock a bikini if you so desire. No, that's not why exercising is so crucial for moms. It's not just the health benefits to your body either. Here are eight reasons moms need to exercise today. Are you ready? Grab your yoga pants, water bottle, and earbuds and get ready to sweat!

1. Stress Reduction

As mothers, we tend to worry a lot all while holding it together either at the house or at the workplace or both! Exercising is a great way to reduce your stress and release pent-up feelings without saying a word.

2. In Tune With Your Body

Starting an exercise routine whether it's jogging, yoga, weights, or Zumba is a great way to get in touch with your body. Being in touch means you're aware of any health issues or joint pain you may have. Exercising and getting into a routine can help you learn how your body is working . . . or not working!

3. Step Away From the Kids (and Everyone, Mostly)

It's a good break from your kids. Yes, you need a break sometimes. If you're exercising hopefully outside of the home, there's no way for your partner to pass off the buck so to speak! Exercising is of course something you can do with your children and I encourage you to do that, but getting out alone to work out is good for you. If you really need a buddy, grab a friend to join you, but some all alone time is good for you.

This is especially good for you if you're a stay-at-home mom in need of a desperate break. It might be hard to get your partner to watch the kids for a night out, but how can someone fight you for wanting an hour to be in shape and mentally sane?

4. Fight Postpartum Blues

Postpartum depression is a b*tch, so why not fight it with some good old-fashioned walking, running, or Pilates? Exercise will help your brain make feel-good hormones and will give you a chance to work out the stress of new mom or new baby life!

5. First to Ignore Ourselves

Moms are often the first to ignore their own needs and last to care for themselves. Exercise is a good way to care for yourself, that way you can run after your kids . . . and grandkids one day!

6. Boost Your Confidence

Exercise can make you feel better about your body, which in turn will boost your confidence, and that certainly can't hurt! It might also lead to more satisfaction in the bedroom. Try using that tactic to get your partner to watch the kids while you're weight-training.

7. Teach Your Kids to Care For Themselves

By exercising and treating your body right, you are demonstrating not only a healthy lifestyle but also that caring for yourself is important. If you don't care for yourself, how can you expect your kids to care for themselves? You can't.

8. You'll Sleep Better

Sleep is a privilege most moms are denied, but exercise will help you rest better, which should appease you insomniacs out there!

Now that I've convinced you . . . here are some extra reasons and ways to combat those excuses that keep you from getting fit.

I'm Tired

Congrats. What mother isn't tired? We're all tired, but exercise will increase your energy levels.

I Don't Have Time

Make a routine habit even if it's just for 30 minutes a day in the morning. Set it in your calendar. Create a Google alert or iPhone alarm. Treat it like a job. If you skip a day, penalize yourself. If you stick to a schedule for a week, treat yourself like perhaps to some delicious chocolate? Wink.

I'm Afraid of Looking Stupid

Everyone, even experienced gym rats, look stupid at the gym. We grunt, grimace, sweat, and make noises akin to gorillas. No one cares what you look like because most likely everyone is too busy being self-conscious of his or her own looks to be worried that you're not as fit as you would like to be.

I'm Not Motivated

Gather a friend and buddy if you must in order to get motivated. Even better? Battle it out with your partner on who can get fitter, faster. Having someone to hold you accountable cannot hurt.

If looking good is a big factor to you, perhaps it's time to pull out those goal jeans and an old photo of you at your goal weight as motivators and leave them lying out to remind you of where you want to be, weight and shape wise.

No One Will Watch the Kids

If you really can't find someone to watch the kids, do a DVD or follow along to a YouTube video late at night or in the morning.

Accepting No Excuses

The best way to get started is to refuse to accept any excuses for why you can't exercise. Giving yourself reasons to stop is an easy way to fail.

Be Realistic

You won't run a marathon with the first workout or make a set of abs in two weeks. Be good to yourself and have fun! Exercise is about reducing stress and letting go for a little while.

But I Hate Exercise

If you can't stand traditional forms of exercise, why not join an outdoor sport or sign up for a dance class? Find something that works for you and stick with it!

Life is too short to be unhealthy on your own watch. Take back your life, manage your stress, and boost your confidence Momma with some exercise!