20 Real Reasons You Might Wait to Tell Your Mom About Your Pregnancy

It doesn't matter if you and your mom are Gilmore Girls-status best friends or if you aren't particularly close: the day you find out that you're pregnant may not be the day that tell her about it. It may not even be that week or month for that matter, because it takes two people to have a baby, and deciding when to share the big news is up to those two — not a third party.

Whether you always imagined that your mom would be the first person you called with the news, or maybe you knew you'd have to take a few days to mentally prepare for her excitement and overwhelmingly "helpful advice," here are 20 reasons you might delay the big reveal either way.

  1. She'll be offended that she wasn't told before the baby's dad, and you don't want to deal with any drama during your happy moment.
  2. You know her stress and ability to hover will kick in.
  3. She'll tell the whole world before you've even ended the call.
  4. She'll steal your thunder and make this about her becoming a grandma.
  5. You want to be the one to share it on social media.
  6. She's awful at secrets and won't be able to wait until the second trimester.
  7. She'll start packing her bags and preparing to move in.
  8. You need time to come up with a game plan regarding boundaries, and how to explain that this is your baby, not hers.
  9. She's going to want to "help" and you're not ready for it yet.
  10. She'll start comparing and competing with the in-laws.
  11. Because who, when, and how you share the news is between you and your partner — and not up to your mom!
  12. You're superstitious and don't want to take any chances.
  13. You don't want to get her hopes up until you are absolutely positive.
  14. Telling her makes it real and you haven't processed the news yet.
  15. You're just totally and completely overwhelmed.
  16. You're in denial and still don't believe the test results yet.
  17. You haven't told your partner yet and you want that moment to be special — and first.
  18. You want to tell all of your family at the same time.
  19. You're brainstorming a creative way to share the news.
  20. You're waiting for an upcoming holiday to make it special.