15 of Reese Witherspoon's Most Relatable Mom Moments

Reese Witherspoon isn't just a beloved and accomplished actress. She's also a devoted mom of three and this role is more important than any other she'll ever play. As Reese's stardom continues to rise in hits like Big Little Lies, it's her smallest fans at home that matter most and she isn't afraid to be a typical proud mom in her household.

From the time she got a kick at Tennessee's expense to when she captured the potty training struggles that all parents know all too well, these are 15 of Reese's most relatable parenting moments.


When her kiddo passed out in the car, which meant she had a big decision to make.


When she tried to put on a brave face for her little one.


When she got carried away with Pinterest-inspired toddler food.


When third child syndrome hit and she did things last-minute.


When she tried to make time stand still on the first day of school.


When Summer felt way too long while her kiddo was away at camp.


When she wasn't above the potty training struggles.


When accessorizing her kids was even more fun than shopping for herself.


When she took advantage of matching outfits with her daughter while she still could.


When her mom was still her biggest supporter.


When she appreciated the memories of three generations she's able to make.


When she couldn't help but get a laugh at her little one's expense.


When she took a minute to appreciate the chaos and wonder of motherhood.