12 Face-Palm Parenting Moments That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Fails

It's funny how some of our most horrific parenting moments — like slamming the baby's tiny fingers in the car door — become some of the most relatable and laughter-inducing stories to tell later on. Because every parent has had a "face-palm" parenting moment (or 13), we asked real moms to share some of their fails in an effort to make everyone else feel better about their latest boo-boo. Let's just nervously laugh off these horror stories and move on to the next crazy parenting moment in the queue, shall we?

Scroll through for 12 seriously relatable face-palm stories that will help you to feel like you're not alone when you fail.

  1. "When my daughter was one-and-a-half I sat her on the bathroom sink while I brushed my teeth and washed my face. . . . She, in literally two seconds, grabbed the razor I use to clean up my brows and put it in her mouth. It was only three tiny cuts but I felt like the worst mom ever. I wanted to call CPS on my damn self." — April
  2. "When my daughter was two we put her mac and cheese in the freezer to cool down and forgot all about it. Fast forward to bedtime a couple hours later and she was whining because she was hungry — we told her it was not time to eat, it was time for bed. Found the frozen mac and cheese the next morning and felt like a terrible parent." — Courtney
  3. "I just had my second son and my newborn got terrible diarrhea! I was in a rush to put him into the car seat and I squished his tiny little finger into the car seat buckle! . . . Ever since then I have had a fear of pinching my kids' fingers in their car seat so I am extra careful!" — Holly
  1. "I was trimming my daughter's nails when she was barely a year old. Thought that the nail was a little hard to cut through and she started bleeding. Apparently I cut the very tip of her finger instead." — Kari
  2. "We were at the drive-in and I went to open the door to grab something out of the backseat. Wasn't paying attention to where my two-year-old was, and he fell right out of the car. Landed hard on the ground." — Amy
  3. "It was late and I was walking across the back yard with my son in my arms. I was wearing flip-flops and was walking briskly. One flip-flop suddenly caught the ground. It busted, I tripped, and as I was going down, my reflexes kicked in about a foot and a half from the ground and I caught myself on my hands and knees but dropped my son." — Ashley B.
  1. "I ran out of baby wash and used Herbal Essences body wash on my two-year-old — he broke out in a huge rash. Stupid on my part and everyone at the doctor's office told me so too!" — Melanie
  2. "I had my son laying on my bed to change his diaper and I took my hands off him to reach above his head, and I still have no idea how, but he fell off the bed with me standing right there. I felt so horrible." — Ashely S.
  3. "My daughter was six months old but already able to sit up on her own. I took her to the bathroom and sat her up on the bathroom cabinet by the sink to put my hair up really quick. Literally two seconds later, she had fallen over on her side and her head hit the metal faucet in the sink. . . . Left her a huge egg on he forehead, and it immediately turned black and blue!" — Haley
  1. "Buckling up bike helmet and getting some skin in there. Bad, bad, bad." — Jane
  2. "When my son was about three, he had spent the day at his grandma's. Came home, he started crying saying he was hungry and hadn't eaten anything. Knowing my mom would have fed him dinner I said, 'Yeah right, you just don't want to go to bed.' He kept insisting and I kept telling him to stop lying. . . . Next day I'm talking to my mom and she asks me if my son woke up hungry since he didn't eat dinner for her. I cried." — Kayla
  3. "Told my child to stop talking so I could hear her tell me what she wanted for lunch." — Irene

These submissions have been edited and shortened for clarity.