Could Rosie Pope's New Baby Line Be Any Cuter?!

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Whether you know her from her television show, line of chic maternity wear, Mommy IQ book, or MomPrep parenting classes, Rosie Pope has made her mark in the pregnancy and parenting worlds over the past few years. Last week, Rosie welcomed her fourth baby, Bridget Monroe, and today she introduced her sweet new cotton baby collection with Amazon Fashion.

"I love working with pregnant women and helping them in both fashion and education. It is important to me to be able to continue that support as they journey into parenting. And now with all my experience as a designer, educator and most importantly, mother of four, I felt ready to pour all that I have learned into a great collection," Rosie told us.

And when asked how she does it all (literally five days after giving birth), she offered some great advice: "Live in the moment! You can't do it all — you are constantly torn, but you can live in each moment as much as possible and be present. That will go much further than you can ever imagine." Well said, Rosie. And now, let's check out the clothes! Source: Getty Front Page Image Source: Rosie Pope