Aim Your Arrow at One of These 36 Sagittarius Baby Names

Babies who arrive between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21 are Sagittarians. This sign, which follows Scorpio in the Zodiac, is represented by the archer — a centaur holding a bow and arrow — and ruled by the largest planet, Jupiter. So it's no surprise that Sagittarians are boundless with their generosity, energy, and curiosity. Freedom is vital for these philosophical souls born under the ninth sign of the zodiac, so they love travel and adventure. These enthusiastic fire signs like to be in touch with the world. If you're expecting a little Sagittarius, take inspiration from these associations with the following baby name suggestions.

Names For Sagittarius Girls

  1. Artemis — the Greek Goddess of the hunt and archery
  2. Ascella — a star in the Sagittarius constellation
  3. Barbara — this Latin name means "traveler from a foreign land"
  4. Beatrice/Beatrix — this Latin name means "voyager"
  5. Beryl — one of the gemstones associated with Sagittarius
  6. Caroline — this English name means "free person"
  7. Gypsy — this Old English name means "traveler/wanderer"
  8. LaWanda — this American name means "little wanderer"
  9. Merida — the Disney Princess in Brave, who was an archer
  10. Peregrina — this Latin name means "wanderer"
  11. Philippa/Pippa — this Greek name (from Philip) means "lover of horses"
  12. Rosalind — this Old German name means "tender horse"
  13. Rosamund/Roz — this Old German name means "horse protection"
  14. Topaz — one of the gemstones associated with Sagittarius
  15. Traviata — this Italian name means "astray/wanderer"
  16. Wanda — this German name means "wanderer"
  17. Wendelin — this Teutonic name means "wanderer"
  18. Yvonne/Yvette — this French name means "archer"

Names For Sagittarius Boys

  1. Apollo — the Greek God of archery
  2. Archer — this Old English name means "bowman, archer"
  3. Archibald — this Teutonic name means "bold archer"
  4. Bevan — this Welsh name means "archer"
  5. Bowman – this English surname means "archer"
  6. Chiron – a centaur in Greek mythology
  7. Christopher — the patron saint of travelers
  8. Doran — this Irish Gaelic name means "wanderer"
  9. Errol — this Scottish name means "wandering"
  10. Fletcher — this Old French name means "arrow maker"
  11. Ibsen — this Teutonic name means "son of the archer"
  12. Ivar/Ivor — this Scandinavian/Old Norse name means "archer"
  13. Jupiter – the ruling planet of Sagittarius
  14. Pholos — a centaur in Greek mythology
  15. Robin — from the English folklore figure of Robin Hood, who was an archer
  16. Stig — this Old Norse name means "wanderer"
  17. Toxotes — the Greek name used to describe the mythic Sagittarius centaur
  18. Yve/Yves — this French name means "the little archer"