Famous Author Bought 166 Hatchimals to Resell Them For Profit and Parents Are Pissed

Sara Gruen is known to many bookworms as the author of the New York Times best-seller, Water For Elephants, but after this holiday season she's going to be known as the woman who bought all of your kids' potential Hatchimal toys to resell for profit. Rather than seeking the help of a GoFundMe page or another fundraising effort, Gruen turned to the year's hottest toy, buying 166 of the speckled eggs from eBay to attempt to "put a dent in the extremely hefty lawyer fees I'm accruing in my fight to get the wrongfully convicted man's case back before the Supreme Court."

However, Gruen hit a road block once she started listing the furby-like toys on eBay — they made a rule out of seemingly nowhere that a seller could only list three Hatchimals per week. Amazon and other resale sites are also giving her a tough time, driving her to reach out desperately to her followers on Facebook.

So — and here I cringe and hang my head in shame and feel sick to my stomach — if you or anyone you know wants a Hatchimal, here is a link to my Shopify store front. If you think I'm spamming you and hate me for it, I completely understand. But I have a fortune invested, only one venue to offload them, and in only three weeks they will magically transform into useless pumpkins that will take up space in my office FOREVER, and have caused my financial ruin. Oh, and I'll still owe the lawyers. . . .

*Crawling back under my rock of shame.*

Regardless of your feelings about her actions, you've got to admit that she's doing a pretty good job of handling the unexpected situation with humor. "Now there are Hatchimals stacked up around every side of my office," she wrote. "I am having Hatchimal nightmares. Last night, someone's kids hatched all of them and then went home and I was bouncing and patting and poking and cooing to as many as I could to keep them alive."