Savannah Guthrie on Being a Mom in Her 40s: "I Was Heartbroken For a Lot of Years"

At 46 years old, Savannah Guthrie admits that her heart is as full as ever. Between her 3-year-old daughter, Vale, and her 1-year-old son, Charley, she admits that life with her husband Mike Feldman can't really get any better. However, she explained in an interview with Hoda Kotb that her journey to motherhood wasn't exactly easy.

"The older I got, when that kept not happening for me, I was heartbroken for a lot of years," she told Today.

And while Savannah definitely dedicated a huge part of life to her career as a news anchor, she's adamant that it wasn't the only thing she focused on.

"You work in a job like ours and it's so public, people think, 'Oh, my gosh, that must have been the thing that you focused on your whole life. That must have been your dream. That must have been the only thing you worked for,'" said Savannah. "In the end, all I ever wanted was just to have a family."

"In the end, all I ever wanted was just to have a family."

Now, with two little ones running around, Savannah certainly has her hands full. She told Hoda that her mom is a huge support system, and she wouldn't have it any other way, especially because her father passed away when she was 16.

"I feel like watching my mom now with my kids is so profound," she said. "Because I'm seeing the mom that she must have been with me, just the everyday joys. She's so good at playing with them. I appreciate her even more than I thought possible because I see her spunkiness and her quirks."

And Savannah isn't one to pretend that motherhood is an easy gig by any means. After all, raising kiddos pretty much means the days rarely end up being picture-perfect.

"You can't always live in that moment of Zen perfection . . . we all get tired and we all get frustrated . . . we have to accept the messiness too, you know?" she said, adding that, "It felt not like chaos, but abundance. Like, everything overflowing but in the most beautiful way."

But even though the days with two young kids seem never-ending, Savannah tries to cherish even the most difficult moments. "Someday, we're going to sit on our couch and be like, 'Remember that? It was so sweet. Even the tantrums were sweet.'"