3-Year-Old Who Re-Creates Photos of Feminist Icons Is Our New Obsession

Scout Larson may only be 3 years old, but she's already extremely aware of what it means to be a strong woman. Through a photo project in which the little one dresses up as female icons, Scout's mom, Ashley, is teaching her girl what it means to be fierce one stylish photo at a time.

The duo originally started the side-by-side photo project in April 2016 after Ashley received the news that her mom, Scout's Nonnie, had breast cancer. In order to put everyone's mind at ease through Nonnie's chemotherapy treatments, Ashley wrote on Bored Panda that she "needed to teach [Scout] and remind myself that women are fighters! We chose famous and fierce women to teach her about the strength that women have."

Ashley put together a list of women for Scout to be inspired by and taught her a bit about each person. Then, with the intention of sharing each finished photo with her Nonnie, Scout helped her mom by choosing which photo of each fierce woman she wanted to emulate. Ashley told POPSUGAR that "the process isn't a quick one." Adding, "The photo shoots themselves only take about 10 minutes because Scout loves it . . . The lengthy part is the styling and the editing. The editing can take hours for one photo. I have three kids, so all of this happens in the middle of the night usually."

Despite all the incredible women Scout's emulated so far — such as Emma Watson, Adele, and Frida Kahlo — both Ashley and Scout share the same favorite photo: one of Scout and her Nonnie after finding out she was cancer-free. "The entire project was such a godsend for Scout and myself," Ashley said. "And showing my mom the end result — priceless. Every single minute I spent planning, styling, shooting, and editing was 100 percent worth it."

Ahead, some of Scout's side-by-side photos, as well as snaps of her in the most awesome feminist tees.


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Scout and Nonnie