21 Times Former Bachelor Sean Lowe Made Us LOL With His Sarcastic Parenting Posts

Former Bachelor contestant and dad Sean Lowe is a breath of fresh air every time I click into my Instagram or Twitter app. He's constantly posting photos of his wife, Catherine, and two boys, Samuel and Isaiah, and though his family is undeniably cute, he puts his kids in their places more often than not. Instead of remarking on how adorable his toddler is, he'll insult his choice in outfit (ironically, of course). Instead of announcing his second son was leaving the hospital post-birth, he made him seem akin to a stray animal he found in an alley.

As we all know, parenting would be much harder than it already is if we all lost our senses of humor, so here are the moments Sean Lowe did the most with his humor that will make you feel a bit better about parenting your own kids with a dose of sarcasm.


When Madagascar 2 made him realize he misses his old Friday nights.


When he praised Samuel for making it through 30 minutes of a movie.


When he admitted Samuel could at least try to do something notable this year.


When he surrendered to the peek-a-boo rouse and pretended he lost his kid.


When he candidly explained what it's like raising a toddler.


When he compared his toddler to a stray cat.


When he admitted he could love his kid a bit more.


When he got an ironic taste of his own sarcastic medicine.


When he let Isaiah take a turn at being compared to a stray animal.


When he was jealous of his son's accomplishments.


When he admitted that sometimes discipline is a necessary part of parenting.


When he decided who his favorite child was by challenging them to a sitting contest.


When he was so appalled by his son's choices he wanted to forget he had son in the first place.


When he made fun of Samuel's "dad look."


When he put Samuel on blast for having the munchies at 3 a.m.


When he compared his baby to the guy who does nothing for the class group project.


When he didn't give a f*ck he drank his freeloader son's last juice box.


When he needed his son to calm the eff down in the mornings.