These Shirtless Dads Doing Skin-to-Skin With Their Babies Will Make Your Ovaries Burst

Those precious minutes and hours of bonding with a fresh baby right after their birth make for some of the most emotional moments between baby's parents and family (and the best to photograph!). Highest on the "AWW" scale, though, has got to be dad and baby skin-to-skin bonding time — after nine months in the womb, what's more precious than seeing a dad finally able to hold his little one?

On the flip side, we're only human beings here, so we're just going to say it — these shirtless dads are making our ovaries burst and we may or may not be sweating. Scroll on at your own risk — possibly with a tall glass of ice-cold water next to you?

Felix Xavier Llaña

This dad snuck in a little smooch during skin-to-skin time.

Holly Bryan Photography

Blue steel while holding a baby? We're into it.

Shehan Tennekoon

The way this dad is looking at his newborn is too precious.

Beth Michaela Haddock

We're sure this babe was only crying because she's never seen such a beautiful beard before.

Instagram | julienvictorfrancois

That magical time when both twins fit in Dad's arms.

Renren Cruz

Well, isn't this dad's smile just the cutest?!


This little babe got in some skin-to-skin time during a sunny hike with her dad.

Jesse Suttles

Look at this little man's face! Bonding time with Daddy is the best.

June Bug Photography

This serene scene looks heavenly.

Petite Cherie Photography

This baby's hand placement on Dad's chest is just too darling.

Danijel Mandic

The way this dad is showing off his little babe is too cute!

Dayu Wahyuni

We aspire to always be as cozy as this little one looks.

Instagram | lokiandlion

This looks like the most perfect napping spot we've ever seen.

Did anyone's ovaries not go into overdrive over Dwayne Johnson's first photo with his newborn baby girl?

Flickr user Heather Williams

Calm, cool, casual – this black and white shot is the epitome of chill.

Maggie Pemberton

Hello, peaceful couch nap.

Nada Photography

This little one knows that he's safe in Dad's strong arms.