Here's Why You Shouldn't Have a Baby Shower For Every Child

I love me a baby shower. While they're a pretty big deal everywhere, they seem to be especially special in New York (where I'm from). They're usually thrown at a swanky restaurant, involve multiple courses of delicious food, and there's almost always a really good cake involved. I love looking at the little baby clothes (nursing pads, not as excited to look at) and seeing the glow on my loved one's face because they're excited to become a family and meet their little nugget. But for the love of God, please don't do this to me more than once.

It's exciting to do it for the first one, but after that? Now I feel like you're just taking advantage of other people's time and wallets.

I really do understand the need for a baby shower with your first child. You want to celebrate the start of your family, as you should, and you actually need everything, and those things are usually pretty expensive. Diapers, formula, a full wardrobe, swaddling blankets, special detergent — you name it, you need it (and probably don't have it). And I am more than happy to indulge you, do my very best to pick out thoughtful gifts, and throw in something you didn't register for but still know you need. But seriously, stop at one.

No, I don't want to come to your sprinkle two years later when you're pregnant with your second boy, and I for sure don't want to sit at another full-blown, five-hour long shower on a Sunday afternoon even if you're having a girl this time. It's exciting to do it for the first one, it really is, but after that? Now I feel like you're just taking advantage of other people's time and wallets.

I don't feel sorry for you if you currently don't have enough cute clothes for your second baby. You're perfectly capable of purchasing more. You have all of the major and expensive pieces from your first child, and if you're asking for new ones because your taste has changed or you no longer like what you have, well, to be honest, that's just selfish.

And I understand that people fall on hard financial times. I have fallen on some myself. That's where your network comes in. You take the donated crib. You shop secondhand. You ask friends for leftover clothes or diapers. People get it. I get it. But I'm not spending the money I work hard for because you're having a rough one. That's not fair, either.

I will absolutely and excitedly celebrate your first baby at a baby shower. And I have zero problems celebrating every new addition after that. I will celebrate them all, just not for five hours on a Sunday for the second (or third or fourth) time.

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