26 Hints You're Ready to Be a Mom

Having a baby is a big decision, which is why we partnered with NBC's One Big Happy for this insightful yet humorous post about being ready to be a mom.

Making the decision to start a family is overwhelming, stomach-churning, exciting, and just a touch scary. But the wonders of that new baby are bigger than anything you've ever experienced, which is what's so awesome about taking this big step. Timing is everything, and if your internal clock is seriously ticking, you might be noticing a few hints that you're ready. Any of these sound familiar?

  1. Your ovaries hurt when you see another baby.
  1. You spend more time looking at the baby next to you at a restaurant than actually talking to your dinner companion.
  2. You plan outfits your kids will wear as often as you plan out your own actual outfits.
  3. You have more baby names planned out than the number of kids you will probably have.
  4. You already know what schools you are going to send them to.
  5. You've researched all the tricks for getting pregnant.
  1. You set up a college fund for your unborn babe.
  2. You voluntarily babysit just so you can hang out with kids.
  3. You order pregnancy clothes online.
  4. You write lists of baby names — the full first, middle, and last names, of course.
  5. You practice saying the full future name of your child out loud, like for when they're in trouble.
  1. You go off the pill and don't care what happens.
  2. You find yourself at home on Saturday night in time to see the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live.
  3. After years of saying dogs do not belong on any type of furniture, you invite your Lab-Chow (read: seriously furry) into your bed.
  4. You find yourself crying on Mother's Day because you aren't a mom.
  5. You visit friends with newborns and won't let anyone else hold the baby.
  6. Commercials make you cry.
  7. Your Pinterest boards are full of nursery ideas instead of shoes.
  8. Your ideal weekend nights are full of takeout and Netflix.
  9. You are physically able to get up before 7 a.m. on weekends.
  10. You can't wait to show off your pregnancy curves.
  1. You're at a party on a Friday night, Champagne flute in hand, and end up asking a mom questions about raising kids for half an hour.
  2. You find yourself reading mommy blogs.
  3. You check out pregnancy and child development milestone books for light reading.
  4. The idea of waking up every three hours to breastfeed at night doesn't faze you. It's just more bonding time between you and the baby, right?
  5. You already have lullaby playlists on Spotify.