She Doesn't Know How Much Time Her Sister Has Left, but Her Letter Will Change Everything You Thought About the Election

To some, it may feel like the results of the 2016 election have left our country even more divided than before. With protests all over the country and hate spreading like rapid fire it's hard not to be angry, but a young girl just put everything into perspective. Kelly Allio Wieder's younger sister Annie has Batten disease, an extremely rare and fatal nervous system disorder, and she doesn't care who you voted for in this election.

Kelly doesn't know how much time her sister has left, so she decided to pen a letter about what she's learned from Annie following the emotional post-election week. She talks about hardships and her sister's struggle, but most importantly, about her sister's huge heart and perseverance. It's truly puts everything into perspective. Kelly explains that it's OK to not be happy about the results of the election, but we need to handle it with kindness.

"A lesson my baby sister taught me," she wrote, introducing the letter below.

She doesn't throw herself pity parties. She doesn't speak unkindly to other people. She makes friends with everyone everywhere she goes. She doesn't care who you are or who you voted for, she makes you her friend and gives you a key chain off her cane or a hair clip from her hair or a bracelet off her wrist. If she has nothing materialistic to give you, she gives you a hug.

She struggles to speak sometimes and she needs help walking the little bit that she does anymore. She has a life expectancy of anywhere from months to a few years to live and she's HAPPIER than anyone I know. And it's not because she lives in a La La land. Her mind is clear but is trapped in a failing body. SHE'S UP AGAINST EVERYTHING. Her body is shutting down a little each day but SHE DOESN'T STOP FIGHTING OR QUIT. She takes the next scary, unstable step and reaches for help one more time while still BEING KIND TO EVERYONE AROUND HER.

She doesn't cry because she can't have a different life. You don't have to like the current situation in America. But we all have the opportunity to handle it like people who are living life to the fullest no matter what is going on while still being kind.

Kelly's powerful letter was shared on Facebook by Frank Somerville, who explained that Annie is the second person in the family to suffer from the inherited Batten disease. Frank spoke with Sgt. Dave Reeves of Fairfield, CA, who said that the girls come from a family of six. "They are the most positive and uplifting family I have ever seen and have more to be sorrowful for than anyone I've even known; but they aren't," he said. It's OK to be angry about the election, but know that kindness matters most.