This Slip'N Slide That Also Applies Sunscreen Is a Summer Game Changer

Even though we know we're supposed to, it can be tasking to continually reapply sunscreen when enjoying a day at the beach. That's especially true for little ones who are content swimming for hours on end and determined to avoid their parents' lathered hands. Nivea circumvented this issue with the Sunslide: a slide that simultaneously sprays those going down it with sunscreen.

According to Nivea, one slide ride applies the necessary amount of sunscreen — although kids are expected to wear swimming goggles to prevent any sort of eye irritation. Although we don't personally know how safe or effective the slide is, it is a really creative way to tackle sun protection while also being fun for kids.

Check out the slide in action in the video, above. We'll just be over here planning our own DIY sunscreen slide . . .