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St. Patrick’s Day Activities to Do at Home With Kids

17 At-Home St. Patrick's Day Activities For Kids That'll Keep Them Entertained For Hours

While St. Patrick's Day isn't one of the biggest holidays, kids can still enjoy a variety of enjoyable, themed activities — all within the safety and comfort of their home. From crafts that go along with books to bath bombs shaped like a pot of gold to leprechaun traps, Instagram is full of creative, entertaining, and educational ideas. These may *technically* be for kids, but I'd try them in a heartbeat!

While you may also be jumping to try some of these crafts, recipes, and games, remember to first put on green attire so you don't get pinched, and hang up some St. Patrick's Day decorations so you feel fully immersed in the holiday spirit. Then, in honor of St. Patrick's Day landing on March 17, dive into the following 17 activity ideas that are as golden as the gold at the end of a rainbow. Before you know it, you'll be swept up in a family-friendly day filled with leprechaun fun!

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