During Both of Her Kids' Public Meltdowns, 1 Stranger's Quick Thinking Saved the Day

With an 11-month-old baby boy and an independent "threenager," Hannah Young finds herself in the middle of two major meltdowns on a daily basis.

But on this particularly awful day, Hannah could tell that both of her kids were about to lose it. Yet knowing that they had no food at home, she made the decision try and quickly stop into Trader Joe's — while hoping for as little crying as possible. However, that didn't last long as both kids started to meltdown as soon as they entered the store. Hannah immediately felt embarrassed and totally overwhelmed.

Instead of being judged as a bad mother, like she feared, a stranger approached Hannah and said exactly what this struggling woman needed to hear. "Don't worry honey, just remember that no one is gonna die right now!" Hannah shared on Frank Somerville's Facebook page.

This woman's upbeat delivery and honest message was exactly the perspective that this stressed out mom needed in order to refocus her energy. But when Hannah's little girl started to flip out again, this stranger appeared again.

Noticing Hannah's impending tears, she came back over and said to her daughter, "I saw a bunny over there, will you help me find it?!"

Instantly, the little girl's mood changed as she searched for the hidden bunny and it allowed Hannah to wrangle her baby boy off the ground and grab her grocery cart. Even after the women left, the now delighted little girl continued to happily play her new favorite game.

"It was so simple and so sweet, but sometimes people are quite judgmental about small children, so this woman really made my day! " Hannah wrote. "When you hear a screaming child in the store please remember that their parents just want to buy food, so give them a smile or make a joke, it goes further than you think!"