A Stranger at the Gas Station Unknowingly Helped 1 Mom With Cancer Struggling on Her Boy's Birthday

Although it was her son's third birthday, Tiffany Earley's day started the same way as they have been for the past few months: with her feeling cold, queasy, and pretty much like death.

But despite her cancer diagnosis and four rounds of chemotherapy, this mom of two was determined to make her child's special day great. She had endured two rounds of treatment back to back just in order to take a break leading up to his birthday, and although she was there for cake and presents, Tiffany was silently struggling on the couch concealing how horrible she was really feeling.

"When my sweet boy asked, 'Mommy hold me?' how could I explain that my skin hurt when touched? Or that the smell of his hair made me nauseous? I couldn't. So I held him," Tiffany shared with Love What Matters.

That afternoon, the family decided to make a quick stop at a gas station before heading to Build-a-Bear, another promise to the birthday boy that Tiffany was determined to keep. Internally, she was dreading it but this devoted mom kept a cheerful smile cemented to her face until she heard her kids squeal from the back seat.

Another car had just pulled up next to them with a small horse trailer and the kids wanting nothing more than to pet that white pony. Tiffany didn't want to bother the woman, and right when she turned to tell her little ones not today, the stranger called over, "Would your kids like a ride?"

"You let them both ride your beautiful pony named Snow. You saw their smiles and you heard them thank you. But you didn't hear my boy as we drove away. 'Best birfday ever!' He yelled," Tiffany wrote. "And you didn't see me cry my happy tears. Tears of gratitude that somehow, you stopped and offered my kids a ride I couldn't give them. You helped me make his day memorable and I'm forever grateful for your kindness."