Pardon This Interruption, but Taco Bell Is Introducing a Freaking Kit Kat Quesadilla

In case you hadn't noticed, Taco Bell does not hold back when it comes to delicious and, at times, disturbing hybrid recipes. The fast food chain has found success with its Naked Chicken Chips and caused some confusion with those Firecracker Burritos featuring spicy "popping crystals." To add to its already imaginative menu, Taco Bell is reportedly testing out a Kit Kat quesadilla at select locations in Wisconsin.

According to Brand Eating, the Kit Kat Chocoladilla consists of melted pieces of the chocolate bar folded into a grilled flour tortilla. At some locations, a similar chocolate quesadilla will be sold, using Twix candy bars instead. In addition, Taco Bell will also be offering Vanilla Iced Coffee for the first time, which will be available for just $1 along with the Chocoladilla.

The sweet quesadilla has already been available in other countries, like Brazil and the UK; however, this will mark its stateside debut. If it's successful in Wisconsin, we're hoping that the Chocoladilla will become a more widespread menu item.