This Mom Used a Target Shopping Basket as a Basinet For Her Birth Announcement, and We’re in Love

When New Jersey-based mom Sarah delivered her second baby late in 2018, she knew she needed to do something unique for her birth announcement. Having already created a home video at Target to share their pregnancy announcement with close friends and family, it seemed like a no-brainer that she would turn to their favorite brand to tell the world about the birth of their second baby. "We announced our pregnancy at Target so I wanted to carry on the theme," Sarah tells POPSUGAR. She decided to combine their family holiday card with their birth announcement, since the timing was just right. "For our actual birth announcement cards, I was thinking about using this photo, but because we always send out holiday cards, we decided to do something more seasonal and combine our birth announcement with our holiday card."

And for how her friends and family reacted? "[They] thought it was so clever and so fitting. It was one of their favorite photos that we took. They know how much our oldest loves her shopping trips to Target." We have a feeling this is going to start a trend!