Teacher's Heartbreaking Tweets About an Active-Shooter Lockdown Prove Why Action Is So Necessary

In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, FL, the gun-control debate is more heated and relevant than ever, and one Colorado teacher just added her own heartbreaking point of view to the conversation. Denver resident, mother, and teacher Ali Kemp recently took to social media to recount what it was like to endure an active-shooter lockdown alongside her 10-year-old students.

Although the lockdown ended up being a false alarm and it was actually a lockout instead, her class endured a few gut-wrenching seconds of uncertainty during which they all feared the worst. In the moments following the lockout miscommunication, Ali's students seemed unconvinced by her claims that school is a "safe" place to be, which is possibly her most upsetting revelation.

Relive Ali's harrowing experience by reading through her tweets and some of the responses ahead. They're guaranteed to give you chills — and make you spring into action in favor of common-sense gun control.

Her Twitter Thread

The Responses