After This Teen's Devices Were Taken Away, Desperation Took Over and She Tweeted From Her Fridge

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Dorothy, a 15-year-old from Kentucky, found herself in the midst of a crisis when her mom confiscated all of her devices — down to her Nintendo gaming consoles — so she did the last thing she could think to do: she sent a tweet from her smart fridge. And it worked.

In a Twitter DM conversation — very fitting — Dorothy shared with CBS News that her phone was taken away after her preoccupation with the device caused the rice she was boiling on the stove to catch on fire. Asking her daughter to be more aware of her surroundings, her mom took the phone away, but Dorothy, who runs an Ariana Grande fan account, knew she had to get back online somehow.

Her first attempt at sending a phoneless tweet was on her Nintendo DS. She tweeted, along with a photo of Ariana Grande looking distressed: "my mom took my phone. ill miss u all sm. im crying. goodbye." After she was caught on the DS, her mom blew up her spot and sent another tweet sharing that she was going to shut down the Twitter account after catching her on the DS, but it seems she didn't get that far — Dorothy was already using her Nintendo Wii U to send another tweet.

She sent a first tweet from the Wii featuring a note that explained the situation, then later, a second: "hey guys omg. my mom is at work so i'm looking for my phone. wish me luck. lov u."

Unfortunately, she was caught again, so Dorothy turned to the last thing in her house that she thought could potentially save her from this teenage nightmare: her smart fridge. "I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again."

Dorothy said at the time of her interview — which was conducted on her cousin's old iPod — that she's not sure when she'll get her devices back, but in the meantime, her tweets went viral, and her account grew from having around 500 followers to having over 34,000. As of Aug. 13, Dorothy was still trying to get all of her tech back but took the time to thank her new followers and supporters; Twitter, which called her "an icon" via tweet; and LG, the maker of her smart fridge, which tweeted "#FreeDorothy" on its account.

Scroll through to see the hilarious roller coaster of events in the form of Dorothy's desperate tweets.

Dorothy's First Tweet, From Her Nintendo DS

Dorothy's Mom's Tweet From the Nintendo DS

Dorothy's First Tweet From Her Nintendo Wii U

Dorothy's Second Tweet From Her Nintendo Wii U

Dorothy's Tweet From Her LG Smart Refrigerator

Dorothy's First Tweet Since Going Viral

LG's Tweet in Support of Dorothy