12 Thoughts Every Parent Has When They Find Out Day Care Is Closed Today

Jan 8 2020 - 12:25pm

I recently received an email from my daughter's preschool teacher letting me know the school would be closed the following Tuesday, and I have to tell you, I never realized how much I count on that four-hour break until it was taken from me.

From a practical standpoint, I understand and accept that day cares [1] sometimes need to close. Whether it's a planned holiday break [2] or a spontaneous snow day [3], it happens, and I get that. Nevertheless, it throws me off. I'm the type of mom who loves my routine. I go all in when I'm wearing my mom hat, knowing that a few hours off is just around the corner. And when that doesn't end up happening, I tend to lose my cool.

Suddenly being faced with your kids from dawn until dusk can be stressful, to say the least. Play-Doh only keeps them busy for a limited time. And for moms who work full time, there's another set of obstacles to deal with. Many parents are left scrambling to find alternative child care [4] or gritting their teeth as they dip into their treasured PTO.

Daycare closures aren't always terrible, though. They often make way for cherished family time [5], and a break in the routine can pave the way for a special day that lives on in your children's memories. But whether the day goes by seamlessly or makes you question your sanity, you've probably thought these things — and you've most definitely thought about how much you appreciate your child's daycare workers.

Are You Kidding Me?

Parents depend on day care. In most cases, kids are in day care [7] so their parents can go to work . . . and work doesn't generally close outside of federal holidays. If day care is closed, parents need to rearrange their whole day. Whether that means staying home from work or finding backup care at the last minute, daycare closure messes with the flow of daily life!

I Guess I Won't Be Going In to Work Today

Missing work to care for children [8] could mean missing an important presentation or meeting. If day care is closed at the last minute, it can definitely disrupt your work life.

Yay, an Excuse to Call Off of Work!

On the other hand . . . sometimes a day off from work is just what you needed. Sorry I can't come in today! Nope, I couldn't find any backup child care! Really, I tried.

Do I Have Enough PTO For This?

Then again, is this day off going to be paid? Once upon a time, PTO was something you could use for fun stuff like vacations. But that was pre-parenthood. Now PTO is a precious commodity to ration out when your kid gets sick [9] or, you know, when day care is not open.

Honey, It's Your Turn to Take Off From Work

I clearly remember doing it last time.

Why Are Babysitters So Expensive?

And so hard to find [10] at the last minute?

Well, I Guess Today Is Throw-Away-Money Day!

If day care is canceled due to bad weather, a tuition refund is not guaranteed. So we're out that money plus either the cost of a babysitter or the missed work. Great.

I Love Bringing My Kids to Work! Not . . .

Sometimes the childcare solution is to bring your kids to the office [12] for the day. But you better believe you will be a little less productive and a lot more frazzled.

Well, at Least I Won't Have to Pump Today

For breastfeeding moms who pump at work, a day at home means a day without pumping! Nursing may or may not be easier, depending on the woman and baby, but at least it doesn't come with a bunch of parts to sterilize and there is no time spent labeling and refrigerating bottles of that liquid gold.

What Am I Going to Do With These Kids?

It doesn't take long to run out of ideas. Seriously, what are we going to do all day [13]? How long do kids play with Play-Doh?

Lord Grant Me the Caffeine to Get Me Through This Day

How many Starbucks runs is too many? Can we just spend the whole day at Starbucks?

Finally an Excuse to Spend a Whole Day Playing With the Kids

Daycare closures can be stressful, but they can also come as a welcome opportunity to enjoy some time with the little ones. If you're lucky, this will end up a moment to treasure.

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