You've Never Seen a Family Portrait of 3 Generations That Looks Anything Like This

After giving birth on her grandmother's bed, Lucy fed her daughter where it all began, in that exact spot.

In a series of raw shots, Jade Beall of Jade Beall Photography managed to capture intimate moments between three generations of women who are embracing their bodies — no matter their age — and celebrating the miracles that each one has created. "The beautiful body on the left birthed and fed the beautiful body on the right which birthed and feeds the beautiful little body at her breast," Jade captioned the first image of the three generations nestled on the newborn's great-grandmother's bed.

In an earlier shot of the then-soon-to-be grandmother embracing her daughter's growing bump, without even a layer of clothing between them and her face wrinkling in sheer happiness, Jade shed light on the passion behind this powerful moment. "Right before I snapped this, both Lucy and her mother were crying, moved by the moment which in turn made me cry," Jade recalled. "Quickly our tears turned into contagious laughter and I knew we had just made a piece of art."