Tim McGraw's Go-To First Date Meal Is What We Want Our Partners to Bring Home For Dinner

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are one of country music's most iconic (and good-looking couples), but it took some convincing (and chicken grease) to get their courtship going. While the two had instant physical chemistry upon meeting backstage in Nashville in 1994, they didn't become involved until two years later — after Tim worked hard to convince Faith to go out with him.

The two revealed on The Bobby Bones Show that it was a surprise home-cooked meal that finally won her over. The "Live Like You Were Dying" crooner showed up at Faith's house unannounced with a bowl of chicken and dumplings — complete with cornbread — all made from scratch. He thoughtfully even brought her both a fork and a spoon since he didn't know which she preferred to eat her dumplings with!

That first unofficial date was so romantic, it could've been a country song in itself. By 1996, Tim had asked Faith to join him on his headlining tour, and by October of that year, the two were wed. More than 21 years of marriage, three kids, numerous hit duets, and countless chicken and dumpling dinners later, these two are still going strong — giving us all hope that true love does exist. And to think it all started with a classic Southern dish . . .