Toddler Takes Mom's Phone, Buys $400 Couch on Amazon, and, LOL, I've Done This

There's a story my mom loves to tell, though the details of it sound a bit embellished to me. The way she tells it, though, is that one day child-me picked up the phone and called the shopping network QVC, which was always playing in the background of our home. Without my parents' knowledge, I used my mom's credit card to order her diamond earrings, my dad a bunch of useless tools, and myself a singing plastic flower in a pot. I've always called BS on the whole story, but I suppose this sort of behavior isn't all that uncommon . . .

When San Diego-based Isabella McNeil handed her cell phone to her 2-year-old daughter recently, she had no idea it would result in a $430 Amazon bill — and a couch! But that's exactly what happened when, days after she gave her daughter her phone, Isabella received an email about a couch being shipped to her house.

"I was just so shocked," Isabella explained to NBC San Diego. "I thought, 'Did I buy a couch in my sleep?'" It turned out that when Isabella handed the phone over to her daughter, who'd been asking to play with it, the mom forgot to close the app. And with couches already loaded up on the screen, all her young daughter had to do was mistakenly hit the "1-click" order function. Unfortunately, because large items like that have a restocking fee to return to Amazon, Isabella is trying to sell the couch herself, and she has learned her lesson. "Sometimes, when you're a mom and you're just in that desperation and you just kind of want them to settle down, the first thing you go to is, 'Here, play with my phone for a little bit,'" she said to NBC. "It's not worth $179 to just let her play with my phone. Now I'm going to be a lot more aware of my Amazon app." Given my adolescent shopping history and my daughter's affinity for the phone, this is definitely something I'm going to pay more attention to.