This Trader Joe's Proposal Is the Best Way to Add Something Special to Your Next Grocery Run

Elaborate proposals are all well and good, but there's something to be said for an engagement that is altogether ordinary. Melanie Diaz long suspected her boyfriend Sidd would propose to her on a beach in Barcelona, but unlike that exotic destination, now, whenever she goes on a grocery run, she can be reminded of one of the most romantic days in her life.

"I've always told him how much I've loved Trader Joe's, and we always go there," Melanie told POPSUGAR of her surprise proposal spot.

In fact, Melanie revealed that Sidd opted to pop the question there because she once had a dream about him proposing at a grocery store.

"Except, in my dream, he didn't get down on one knee," she clarified. "I told him about that and that I was upset that he didn't do it. So I think that's what planted the seed in his head — he wanted to make my dream come true."

So, while walking in New York City on the way to a bar to watch an NBA playoff game, they just so happened to come across a Trader Joe's. "He pointed out a sign that said 'Millennial Grocery Tour.' A photographer asked to take our picture. He wasn't sure about it, which is not like him. But I said yes. And then Sidd asked if I wanted to go on the tour."

From there, more signs appeared, personalized for their relationship — one said, 'When Coffee Meets Bagel,' which was the dating app they used to first meet. "I definitely thought something was happening."

Unlike in her dream, though, he did get down on one knee. Melanie said: "I was still shocked but happy at the same time."

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