How 1 Mom Surprised Her Transgender Daughter With the Best Gift Ever

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Think back and try to remember the best gift you've ever received — was it a holiday gift, a birthday gift, maybe something "just because"? For Corey Maison, a 14-year-old girl, that gift was received just a few days ago, and it's something she's been waiting two and a half years to receive.

After school one day last week, Corey's mom, Erica, recorded her on the couch opening up a "just because" gift that the young transgender girl has been eagerly awaiting — hormones. After months of trying to get a "readiness" letter — a letter from a therapist determining that a child is ready for hormone therapy — Corey finally got the OK and is set to start the process.

"It's usually a fight to get the insurance to cover it for gender dysphoria, and we were fully prepared to write letters, make phone calls, whatever it took to get it covered, as it costs $21,000 just for the implant — that didn't include any of the doctor or hospital fees for placing it surgically," Erica said — but the family was overjoyed when they were informed that insurance would completely cover the expenses.

As soon as Erica got the call from the pharmacy, she knew she wanted to tape this special and emotional moment in her daughter's life — though she knew sharing it with the public would open up the door to negative comments and opinions.

I think one of the biggest issues with our society today is that people just don't understand what being transgender actually means. I want people to watch this video, and see the raw emotion of a transgender child that can finally live her life the way she feels inside. I want people to see this, because maybe it will open their eyes . . . We all just want to be loved and accepted by others, and that is all I want for my daughter, to be loved and accepted for who she is inside.