These Are the Best Tween Birthday Party Themes of 2020 — Get Ready to Celebrate!

If you're the parent of a tween (or tweens!), you know that throwing them an age-appropriate birthday party can be a difficult balancing act. You want to be sure that you treat them like the almost-teen that they are, while also encouraging them to hold onto their childhood for a little bit longer. Luckily, there are so many fun themes and elements that you can incorporate into your tween's birthday! From slightly more elevated slumber parties to bashes inspired by their favorite movie, the options are endless. Read on for some of our favorite tween birthday party ideas!


Picture-Perfect Birthday Party

If your tween loves taking photos with their friends, make that the theme of their birthday party! Of course, you must set up a photo booth with a backdrop and props so they can take selfies and document the day.


Pink & Gold Birthday Party

As a theme, pink and gold is always a classic. This gorgeous dessert table and backdrop is sure to make your tween feel special!


Elevated Slumber Party

A slumber party is the perfect birthday idea for tweens, but forget the sleeping bags. This much cooler setup will make your tween and their friends feel super special.


Outdoor Movie Birthday Party

When the weather's nice, what could be better than enjoying your favorite movie outdoors? Set up a projector and a screen (a white sheet works fine!), lay out some blankets, cushions, and movie snacks, and you've got yourself a birthday party.


Cactus & Llama Birthday Party

Llamas and cacti are super trendy, so they make the perfect theme for a tween's birthday party. We love the addition of the colorful balloons and confetti birthday cake!


Spa Birthday Party

Sometimes, all we want is a little bit of pampering. Set out a few face masks, nail polish, and plenty of treats, and let your tween spend the day surrounded by friends, practicing some much-needed self-care.


Neon Birthday Pary

Your teen will love a party decked in vibrant hues. And these colorful cookies would make a great addition to any tween's birthday. You can make them in any shape you like!


Emoji Birthday Party

For many tech-savvy tweens, emojis are their language. Whether you understand them or not, emojis make a great birthday party theme!


Pineapple Birthday Party

From home decor to clothing, pineapples are the trendiest fruit right now! Got all out with a birthday party themed after the adorable yellow fruit. Those donuts make an excellent swap for cake!


High Tea Birthday Party

If your tween is wise beyond their years, they may want a more sophisticated birthday party. High tea is a lovely way for them to celebrate with their friends and feel grown up.


Video Game Birthday Party

Does your tween spend their waking hours playing video games? They'd probably love nothing more than a video game-themed party! You can even set up a tournament for their guests with their favorite game.


Video Game Birthday Sleepover

Or you can up the ante with a video game-themed sleepover! If a slumber party isn't exactly your tween's thing, try hosting a backyard camp-out instead. The outdoor tent allows you to keep an eye on them while still giving them the privacy they want!


Science Birthday Party

Whoever said science isn't cool didn't see this amazing birthday dessert table. It's a fun way to encourage your tween's interests and celebrate their smarts!


Shark Birthday Party

It doesn't have to be Shark Week for you to throw an epic shark-themed birthday party. It's especially perfect for a marine-loving tween. Costumes are encouraged!


Space Birthday Party

Whether your tween is into Star Wars, Star Trek, or both, space is a fun birthday party theme that you can do so much with! The cardboard cutout space ship and printed background really make this treat table special.


Spider-Verse Birthday Party

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was one of the biggest movies of 2018, and with Spider-Man: Far From Home hitting theaters, there's no signs of spider-mania slowing down. It makes for a great birthday party theme for any comic book fan. Make it a costume party for extra fun!