Macy's Was Selling Plates That Shamed Women For "Overeating" — Macy's, Meet the Internet

We're all about a good piece of kitschy kitchenware. A towel that lets the world know to please don't speak to us until we've had our morning coffee or blatant curse-word oven mitts. But sometimes brands go too far and inadvertently end up offending people in their attempts at humor, and that's exactly what seems to have happened over at Macy's.

After Twitter user and science reporter Alie Ward spotted a set of dishes at Macy's that rubbed her the wrong way, she snapped a photo and tagged the retailer. Not only did she get Macy's to respond, but a slew of people followed. The plates feature three circles, each representing a portion of food. The largest portion of food is referred to as "mom jeans" whereas the smallest portion is called "skinny jeans." Not only is this an awful message, humor or not, but it doesn't take into account what the food is. As a coworker shouted after spotting the plates, "So a large plate of salad is better than a small piece of cake?"

After reading Alie's Tweet, Macy's responded quickly and acted even faster.

The plates were made by a brand called Pourtions and were being sold at Macy's in-store concept shop, called Story. Macy's has agreed to pull them from the line. While Twitter reactions are all over the place on this one, it's nice to see a retailer respond so quickly to customers.

That's a shame. Never heard of these plates before this protest, but I would love to have some. I want to loose weight and it would be a good reminder to cut my portion size. Maybe a reissue for guys? Let me know.

— Jeffrey Whelchel (@jeffreywhelchel) July 22, 2019

@Macys can you send me a set, since I wont be allowed to buy them now? I'm 35 lbs into a 60lb weightloss goal and love the plates.

— Jessica Green (@AnarchyToward) July 22, 2019