Your Kids Will Promptly Lose Their Sh*t Once They Spy These Unicorn Egg Dyeing Kits

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We know the drill: a week or two before Easter rolls around, moms and dads everywhere flock to their local craft stores to pick up the usual Easter egg dyeing necessities — and maybe a few fun stencils if your kiddos are especially lucky. But this year, there's a new kit in town, and it takes the term "magical" to an entirely new level. Enter the Unicorn Easter Egg DIY Kit ($11 and up) that puts a mystical spin on your family's annual tradition by jazzing up even the most ordinary of eggs.

Each set comes with three gold unicorn horns, paper flower decorations, three sets of stick-on eyes, adhesive dots, and your choice of "eggs" (white paper maché, metallic gold pastels, or no eggs at all!). What can we say? The results are beautiful — and we have a sneaking suspicion unicorn-obsessed mini mes will completely agree.

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