This Baby Is Immediately Calmed by Listening to "Old Town Road" — It's Really Sweet

When a baby starts to cry, there's a list of possibilities parents typically run through to settle their child. It could be a dirty diaper, or maybe the baby is hungry, or due for a nap. After checking to see if any of those scenarios are the cause, the adult might try shushing them and gently rocking them to quell the cries. Or, maybe there's a favorite song that the baby reacts to that the parent can play . . . like a sweet lullaby . . . or a Top 40.

In a now-viral Instagram post shared this morning, for one family, the one song that can calm their baby is none other than "Old Town Road." Shared by the artist himself Billy Rae Cyrus, we see a young baby in a car seat crying who's clearly upset. But the moment the first beat drops and Billy's voice comes in, the young girl is instantly soothed. Her eyes open up wide and she calms down. It's incredible! What a trick.