If These Girls Dancing All the Way to the Pool Isn't the New Viral Sensation, I Give Up

When it came around to planning her 5-year-old daughter Lyric's birthday, Angel Dixon knew she needed to do something special. Rather than heading to the nearest Chuck E. Cheese's or Build-A-Bear, she got a hotel room for Lyric and some of her friends at a Residence Inn in Washington DC. And what's the best part about getting a hotel room for a night? The pool, of course! In an adorable Instagram video, Angel captured the girls' excitement en route to the pool — and naturally, their song is as catchy as it gets.

"Lyric's grandmother Crystal Dixon made up the song. She's the one you can hear singing it while I record it," Angel told POPSUGAR. "She was trying to get the girls hyped for the pool while we were waiting for the other girls to arrive. The girls were getting impatient so she distracted them with a song."

And holy moly, is their enthusiasm contagious or what? Oh, and did we mention how on point all their unicorn garb is? Amazing!