A Kid Just Learned That Taxes Suck Through a Game of Monopoly, and I Feel Your Pain, Bud

Life is hard, taxes suck, and being an adult is mostly nothing to look forward to — these are all things that a young boy named Dony learned through a game of Monopoly with his family. The boy — who appears utterly devastated in the beginning of a now-viral video, which originated on Reddit — apparently comes from a family that plays Monopoly correctly (I've never once done the taxes part, but I'm also a notorious Monopoly cheater), so even though it seems as though he'd accrued some cash throughout the game, it was all swiftly taken away by The Man in the end. When asked where all of his money had gone, Dony replied: "Taxes. It's not fun, it's the worst part of the game." And by game, of course, Dony doesn't realize he means "life." *Sigh*