This Little Girl Is NOT Pleased With the Way Her Dad Styled Her Hair — and She Let Him Know

When one little girl wasn't exactly pleased with the way her dad styled her hair, she did her best to let him know without being too harsh. The toddler's father shared his hilarious footage on Twitter, and the video has amassed more than 5 million views because people can't get enough of the cuteness! "I don't think you have to redo it. I still like it. It's just that . . . it's wrong," the little girl said as her dad chuckles in the background. Doing her best not to hurt her dad's feelings but to make sure he knows Mom does her hair way better, she said, "One time Mommy did it right — she did it up like I wanted it, and you just did it all ratchet." Someone get this girl on TV — she is such a ham! Watch the adorable video above.