This Mom Gave Birth in the Car With Her 3 Kids in the Back Seat, and Holy Flippin' Smokes

Warning: the above birth video is shot from behind the mother as she delivers her baby.

When one of my editors first told me that she almost ended up giving birth in her living room because she couldn't get the hospital fast enough, I was in utter shock. But when it comes to insane birth stories, a woman named Rudy Naper takes the cake. In a now-viral video filmed from the back seat of the family car by her oldest son, Jaydon, viewers get a full-on look at what it's like to give birth in the passenger seat, and talk about emotions running high!

It all started when Rudy felt like she was going into labor two weeks before her due date. With no time to spare, her husband, Michael Addison, packed up the kids and set off to the hospital. But apparently, their fourth child wasn't interested in waiting. "I thought it was regular Braxton Hicks contractions," the 30-year-old mom told Today. "We left to go get checked and en route, labor hit."

After being on the road for five minutes, Rudy knew that there was no stopping their new daughter — whom they named Jolee — from making her debut. "After I gave him the phone, I started talking, and [Rudy] starts screaming, 'Baby is coming!" explained Michael. Moments later, we see Rudy guiding their new daughter out of her body and into her arms for some cuddling, while urging her to cry.

"I was only concerned with the baby coming out safely," said Rudy. "At the time, I didn't know what to do, but I guess my body did." Thankfully, both mom and baby are recovering from the surprise delivery quite well. In fact, they ended up leaving the hospital 24 hours after the birth.

As for the rest of the siblings who got an up-close and personal view of the birthing process? They're excited to get to know their new baby sister. "Everyone is doing GREAT," explained Michael. "They LOVE their new sister!" Talk about the story of a lifetime!