This Couple Had a Range Rover Gender Reveal, and Yup, We've Officially Seen It All!

As a parenting editor, I've seen a ton of gender reveals. Some involve squashing eggs on your head, others involve hockey pucks, and dozens of soon-to-be parents go more low-key by using balloons. But Shyla Walker, a YouTube personality and influencer, has officially had the most over-top gender reveal I've ever laid eyes on. In an Instagram video she shared on Aug. 21, the mom-to-be announced her child's gender using a Range Rover. Yes, a brand-new Range Rover.

"This was the most magical day of my life," she captioned the clip. "I've always envisioned my future self with a little girl but like everyone else I assumed I was having a boy! No amount of words can describe the pure emotion and bliss I was feeling. I got my little girl!" Congratulations to this growing (and very extra) family!