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Watch Videos of Disney Attractions to Virtually "Ride" Them

A New Version of It's a Small World, and 10 Other Disney Attractions Your Kids Can Ride Virtually

With both Disney World and Disneyland temporarily closed, the chance to take a whirl on "It's a Small World" in real life is, for now, impossible. And though parents are doing everything they can to attempt to teach their kids from home (see this list of free educational resources if you need inspiration!), it's always good to have a few easy-to-do indoor activities in your back pocket. Thankfully, Disney just released a new video that takes viewers on a virtual boat ride through scenes from It's a Small World in Anaheim, Florida, France, Hong Kong, and Japan. A writer at Jezebel also noticed that a handful of Disney fans have shared YouTube videos of themselves on rides, and which means your little ones can virtually "ride" these popular Disney attractions.

Scroll through to get a look at some of the Disney attractions your family can experience from the couch, from Frozen Ever After to Pirates of the Caribbean.

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