Remember This Sweet Father's Reaction to Grandbaby News? Well, There's More!

If you saw this dad's reaction to his only daughter's surprise baby news, you'll probably never forget the tender tears that he shed and pure joy in his eyes. Well, the story is getting even sweeter . . . because his baby grandson has arrived!

While we may have had our hearts set on another touching video, baby Cooper was born prematurely and had to spend time in the NICU (where video was not allowed). Instead, mom Jessica Hickey posted photos from her dad's first time holding his 4-week-old grandson. You'll be hard-pressed to find a grandparent who looks more content holding their new addition! Give the family's adorable baby announcement video another watch and then check out the long-awaited photos of Grandpa and baby Cooper.

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The Announcement Video That Started It All . . .

Grandpa Meets Baby Cooper!
Imgur user viganickey

Grandpa Meets Baby Cooper!