19 Reasons Build-A-Bear Workshop Can Be a Fluffy Hell on Earth For Parents

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a unique place that feels like heaven on earth for little ones but can quickly become the exact opposite for their parents. As an adult strolling through the deflated animal carcasses while trying to get your child to decide on one high-priced creature, it can be an accomplishment just to get to the next phase of stuffing and fluffing without tears. But when you and your little one hit up the clothing and accessories wall, Moms and Dads have to brace themselves for potential high-fashion (and -cost!) clothing as well as meltdowns and tough decisions. Despite the following 19 reasons this fun-loving place can be utter hell on earth, its adorable stuffed companions are too cute to keep from coming back for more!


The desperate pleas every time you walk by the store at the mall.


The feeling of toddler overload from all of the small people running around.


The intense decision — the first of many — of which dust collector to add to the collection.


The child who is pulling out all of the stops to try to get her parents to buy exactly what she wants.


All those big-eyed creatures staring back at you.


The lifeless stuffed animal carcasses before they're stabbed with a machine and filled with fluff.


Trying to convince kids not to participate in each stage to keep the line moving.


When they give you that look and you know that the budget you had in your mind is going to be blown.


When they successfully end up with more than you originally agreed upon.


Deciding if the sentimental option of adding a sound button with someone’s voice outweighs the future annoyance factor.


Knowing you're adding another high-maintenance princess to their brood.


When the birthday party seed is planted and you know you're not going to hear the end of it.


Being surrounded by toddler screams both of joy and sadness depending on the accessories they're allowed.


Making your child decide on which overpriced outfit their new BFF needs even though it costs more than any clothing they own.


Getting them to stay still among the furry friends for that perfect social media snapshot.


Having to carry the unwieldy "house" boxes around for the rest of the day.


The battle to finally leave.


Knowing this isn’t your last visit — you'll be back for more!