The Only Thing Cuter Than Rachel Platten's Baby Name Is How She Settled on It

Award-winning singer and brand-new mama Rachel Platten has been soaking up every single baby snuggle and coo ever since giving birth to daughter Violet Skye on Jan. 26. While discussing her recent partnership with Pampers — she swears by its new line of Swaddlers with heart quilts! — the 37-year-old mom told POPSUGAR exactly how she and her husband Kevin Lazan settled on a baby name.

"I can't exactly remember when we chose her first name," she told us. "I know I was looking through just names on a website. It wasn't that exciting of a story behind it. But with her middle name, [we decided] a couple days before she was born. Actually, my parents were over and we were listening to music and Kevin put on a song that he and I used to love back in the day. It's Mika's 'Grace Kelly,' I think it's called."

Uh, it sure is! Rachel explained how the catchy song from 2007 actually served as inspiration for that pesky middle name slot.

"There's a line in it like, 'I can be brown. I can be blue. I could be violet sky.' And I was like, 'That's her name: Skye,'" she said. "We didn't have a middle name for so long. The song is so cute. We were like, 'We could sing it to it the rest of her life.' I was like, 'Kevin, try singing it.' He was like, 'No, no, no, no, no. You'll sing it to her.'"

See? You can get baby name inspo from just about anywhere. Congrats to the growing family!