11 Signs You're Raising a Gen Z-er

The Reality Bites generation is all grown up with kids of their own, and they're starting to define themselves as a rather unique generation. Dubbed Gen Z, it's a generation of 60 million kids born from the mid-1990s to now, and they're starting to have a lot to say (albeit, they'll probably text it, rather than share it verbally). As the children of Gen Xers, this generation is making a name for themselves, and it's about more than just a lackadaisical approach to the workforce. If your child considers Jaden Smith a style and attitude inspiration, we've got your number.

Read on to see if your child fits the mold.

  1. She's really into social media, but she doesn't have a Facebook account. In fact, she thinks you're a geezer for having one. For her, it's all about Snapchat and Whisper — two apps you're probably downloading now so you can check them out!
  2. You follow him on Instagram, but you don't dare comment on his photos. That would embarrass him to no end.
  3. Your credit card bill is full of charges from Madewell, LF, Brandi Melville, American Eagle, Free People, and the like. That's where they like to shop, and that's where you're spending your hard-earned money.
  4. You both rock out to Taylor Swift. You like her for her wholesomeness; your child thinks she's the be all and end all.
  5. She "swipes right" automatically. As the first generation to grow up in the age of the smartphone, she's never known life without it.
  6. He didn't get a trophy when his team lost the championship game. As a sort of backlash to the "everyone gets a trophy" philosophy we grew up with, children of this generation are learning "the hard way" that sometimes life is filled with disappointment.
  7. She has an eight-second attention span (and we're not just talking about Vine). As a result of living in the smartphone era, she's used to receiving constant updates about everything from her favorite celeb couplings to the weather and her friends' whereabouts. Needless to say, she's not comfortable just sitting around waiting for information.
  8. He asks Siri EVERYTHING! If he asks you a question and you hesitate, he turns to Siri. Part of that short attention span is an inability to wait for an answer. So with Siri at his fingertips, he knows where to turn for an answer.
  9. She multitasks better than you can ever hope to. She's talking to you while posting on Instagram, editing her homework, texting her friends, and scrolling through her Snapchat — and she doesn't miss a beat.
  10. While you're watching your favorite shows on TV, he's sitting right next to you watching his favorites on his iPad. He calls this family bonding time.
  11. She doesn't read the paper or news sites for information. She turns to Philip DeFranco and Bethany Mota on YouTube to see what's important and new.