This Mom Sums Up the "Rollercoaster Called Motherhood" in 1 Moving Post

Britt LeBoeuf, a stay-at-home mom and blogger, knows a thing or two about being sleep deprived all the damn time. Between diaper blowouts and keeping track of all her kiddos' stuff, the busy mama wrote an emotional Facebook post about the laundry list of things moms do and worry about each and every day — and boy, is it long (and extremely relatable).

I know a mom that is tired all day long.

I know a mom that is on her third cup of coffee by 3:00 p.m. almost daily.

I know a mom that has a constant queue list of things that need to get done running in her mind.

I know a mom that folds laundry one handed whilst balancing a 25-pound baby on her hip.

I know a mom that knows exactly where each of her kids' favorite toys are at any given moment.

I know a mom that just got her haircut for the first time in almost a year.

I know a mom that worries she won't have a career to go back to once her babies are grown.

I know a mom that tries to make dinner each night, but often times it doesn't happen.

I know a mom that just wants a night alone to reconnect with her husband because she misses him.

I know a mom that stays up late every night to enjoy her favorite show by herself in a quiet house.

I know a mom that longs to sit and have a glass of wine with her best friends, but one is 500 miles away and the other works while she's asleep.

I know a mom that pretends to have it all together all of the time, but sometimes she just wants her own mom instead of being the mom herself.

I know a mom that constantly worries about her children — who they'll be, where they will go, how she will watch over them after they are grown.

I know a mom that just wants the best for her family and hopes that they know that she is doing the best that she can day in and day out.

I know a mom that knows she's not perfect but she loves her children more than anything else in this world.

After listing off what seems to be a never-ending list of responsibilities and concerns, Britt reveals that she is, in fact, the mom she's talking about: "I know this mom because I am this mom. I bet in some ways you are too? We all know moms like this that we have to lift up and encourage because we are all on this crazy rollercoaster called motherhood together. So if you know this mom or are this mom, give her a hug, buy her a cup of coffee and pat her on the back from time to time. She could really use all three."

So the next time you see a mother who's struggling to get things done, take Britt's advice and offer a hand — you never know how far a simple cup of coffee can go.