The Petition to Change Halloween Has Turned Into Something Else Entirely — Get the Details

There's been a huge conversation brewing among the Halloween set as to whether or not the Halloween & Costume Association should move the holiday to the last Saturday of the month (there are a ton of convincing reasons), but as of this morning, the organization has come up with an entirely different solution that might surprise you. Just announced today in a press release, the HCA is moving to create a campaign that will add an additional day of festivities called National Trick or Treat Day.

National Trick or Treat Day will be an annual event that takes place on the last Saturday of October. So what does this mean for parents? The idea is for kids and families to participate in parades, throw neighborhood parties, and head outside for daytime trick-or-treating.

"We've listened to ALL of the feedback since the petition started and view this as an opportunity to truly honor and celebrate what this season should be," Kevin Johnson, HCA chairman and chief excitement officer at Elope, said in a press release. "Halloween in the U.S. has the power to unite rather than divide. So, while we still believe an end-of-October Saturday celebration will promote safety and increase the fun, this year we will be launching a national initiative designed to enhance the Halloween that we all know and love while uniting our Country."

The National Trick or Treat Day campaign officially kicks off in September on Friday the 13th and will include national events, contests, prize packs, and more. You can get all the details at