Why 1 Mom Said She Kicked Postpartum Depression's "F*cking Ass" in a Brutally Honest Post

Tori Block isn't afraid to get brutally honest about the darker moments that can plague the early days of motherhood. The brave mama decided to share a raw and honest photo to Instagram on Feb. 15 that showed just how vulnerable women with postpartum depression can feel at their lowest points.

"This is a picture I most likely will not keep up for very long. This is me, at the peak of my postpartum depression. I asked Shiloh [my husband] to take a picture of me, so I could remember how far I'd come if I ever came out of it. I was lower than low, I wasn't even myself," she wrote.

Thankfully, Tori was able to make it out of her postpartum depression fog, but she hasn't forgotten about the pain she was in ever since.

"Looking back at this photo I remember perfectly the pain I felt, the dread of waking up every day, the physical pain that engulfed me from thoughts in my brain," said Tori. "I had never known a consuming, mind-altering emotion such as this that flooded every fiber of my being, making its way through my veins like a plague."

And although she knows that PPD can look different for every mother, she wanted to share her personal experience to let other women in the same situation know they're not alone.

"This is what postpartum depression looks like, or at least what it did for me. I didn't want to leave this life, but it seemed like the only way that would rid me of the pain I was in. I didn't ask for it, it wasn't welcome. But there it was, and I kicked its fucking ass and beat it to the ground before I let it consume me, or much worse, take my life."